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Top 10 AI Deepfakes- No.5 Will Shock You!

AI deepfakes are a highly polarizing issue, but it is also a very interesting topic. if you are into AI, deepfakes are definitely something you want to know more about. Therefore, in this article, we will look at some AI deepfakes that you can find on the internet.

In this article, we will learn more about deepfakes so you know how it works and list the top 10 AI deepfakes that you can use. So, let us get started.

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What Is AI Deepfakes?

Deepfakes are a form of artificial intelligence that is used to make fake pictures, videos, and audio. It can be used for unethical content, but just like most things, it has a lot of uses as well. It can be used for business and educational purposes as well.

In AI deepfakes, usually, the face of one person is swapped for another person. Sometimes, the voice of a person can be used to make them say stuff that they never say. Therefore, it is easy to see how deepfakes can be manipulated. However, they can also be used by teachers to make content for their students when they have days off, in business meetings when someone is busy, in call forwarding and receptionist duties, or for customer support services. It can also be used as a source of entertainment in video game audio.

With the rise in AI deepfakes, there are a lot of AI available online as well that can help create deepfake content. So, if you are looking for something reliable to use for deep fake content, this list will provide you with all the amazing Deepfake AI tools.

Benefits of Using AI Tools to Create Deepfake

AI Deepfake might seem strange and hard to comprehend, but it has many uses as well. Here, we will look at some amazing ways people can use Deepfake AI to improve the world around them.

Increase Accessibility

People who can not see, hear, or have signs of dementia can use Deepfake AI tools for a lot of work. This technology can be used to make AI more accessible and easy to use for people who are disadvantaged. This is because AI is getting smarter and smarter, and this is one long-term use of AI technology.

Helping in Education

The next way that AI Deepfake can be helpful is in education. The teachers can use the power of AI to make engaging videos for their students and even replace themselves when they are taking days off. Online learning is now the norm, and using AI can make this even easier. It can also be used to bring historical figures to life, which can be an engaging way to teach the students.

Creating Video Games

AI deepfake can be used to shorten the time it takes to create video games. This is because it is an easy way to create art and bring new characters to life. The deepfake technology can make it easy to use the characters and expand on the storyline. Therefore, it can help save a lot of time.

Creating Videos

AI deepfake can be used not only for video games but also for YouTube videos. Deepfake AI tools have garnered a lot of attention, and this is a fairly new topic, so YouTubers can expand on this technology and create amazing videos. Already, people are seen engaging more with AI-generated videos, and now, people’s creativity can be expressed even more.

Engaging Storytelling

Along with face swapping, AI deepfake can also change voices. This is an amazing tool for storytelling. Children can get bored if the story is told in one monotone voice, but by using AI, storytelling can be a fun and creative way to engage with children.

Use in Podcasts

If you are a creator who wants to stay anonymous, AI deepfake can be very helpful in creating fake voices and hosting podcasts. Podcasts are super famous now, and deepfake AI can help it expand even more. Not to mention, deepfake AI is a very hot topic, so it can be a very fun topic to discuss in podcasts as well.

Helping Influencers

The AI deepfake can swap not only faces but also bodies. So, influencers can swap clothes as well instead of their faces. This way, the videos can not only be engaging but also easier to make. It is a new market that can be expanded even more.
These are just some of the uses of this technology. As it expands more, more people will get to know about its uses and advantages.

How Deepfakes Can Be Used in Marketing


How Deepfakes Can Be Used in Marketing?

Marketing is a very important part of business, and for effective marketing, you need to attract the audience through product demonstration. In most cases, that is in the form of different advertisements.

Deepfake can help create ultra-realistic ad campaigns. Not only that, but you can create highly personalized content at half the cost and time, thus saving your resources and yielding a better result. It also allows businesses to think outside the box and let their creativity expand because using Deepfake AI tools makes anything possible.

Aitoptools has a bunch of deepfake tools listed on its website, like hundreds of them! They’ve got a special section just for these tools, making it super easy for anyone who wants to find and use them. It’s like a one-stop shop for people interested in playing around with or creating deepfake stuff.

What Are the Top 10 AI Deepfakes?

Now that you know what AI deepfakes are and the moral dilemma associated with this new technology, we will now look at the top 10 AI deepfakes that you can use. These are the best that can be found in the market, so let us get started.

Deepfakes Web

The first on the list is Deepfakes Web, which is a cloud-based Deepfake service that utilizes the deep learning technique to create content. The main purpose of this deepfake tool is to create entertaining content using celebrity images and avatars. It is super easy to use as well; you just need to upload media content that you want to swap, and the app does the rest. You can even reuse the models. To use this app, you get charged per hour. It costs $4 USD per hour to use, but the higher the quality of content, the more it costs.

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Artguru AI

This is one of the most popular AI deepfakes that is focused on artistic expression. In this deepfake tool, you just upload a picture, and you get different avatars, including anime-style art, 3D art, and much more. It is a more harmless AI Deepfake that is used for entertainment purposes by a lot of people. You can even use it to generate AI art, where you write what you want, and the AI creates art based on the written description. It has a free version with limited credit, but you can also get the premium version, which can be monthly or yearly. It is a cheap subscription that most people can afford.

Face Swap Live

In this AI, you can swap faces with a friend or a celebrity in a video or a picture. Unlike other Deepfake AI tools, this app allows you to swap faces in real-time, which is fun and entertaining. You can also use this app to get random accessories for your face. It is not as advanced as other AI deepfakes, but it is fun and easy to use and plays a harmless joke. The app does cost money to use, but it is a very small fee that everyone can afford. It is a fun way to get started with AI deepfake technology.


This is a business website that can swap faces, animate pictures, and restyle videos and pictures. Restyling includes adding different filters to a moving video or picture to make it look cool. This app was released in 2020 and had over 200 million downloads globally. It has a lot of different tools; you can make high-quality AI deepfake videos and use filters to change your clothes, gender, and much more. The app does allow users to use it for free, but there are paid versions as well, with more features and a smoother interface.

UpDress VIP.com

Introducing UpDress VIP.com Image Generator: a cutting-edge tool harnessing the power of deep learning to redefine content creation. Seamlessly swapping faces in media, ignites creativity with ease. Simply upload your content, and witness mesmerizing transformations unfold. With user-friendly features and model reusability, productivity soars.

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Lensa AI

Lensa AI was originally a photo editing app, but recently, they have the option of an AI as well. The main purpose of deepfake AI is to change your selfies into animated art. You can convert the selfies into many different types of art styles. It does cost to make these avatars, which can be a one-time fee. The AI can be used to retouch your pictures and edit the background. The AI makes it easy to get these things done as well. If you want the trendy pictures that every celebrity is using to convert themselves into different art styles, Lensa AI is the perfect app.

Wombo AI

Wombo AI is another app that takes one selfie to convert the image into saying something. You can make a friend or any celebrity say anything that you want to with just one selfie. This is mainly used to make others sing any song of your choice. You can also use this app to make AI art with a written prompt or instruction. They have had 100 million plus downloads so far, and it is an entertaining app that uses AI deepfake to give a result that is fun and easy.


This is an online tool that is amazing at swapping the faces of two images or videos. DeepSwap is an online tool that allows you to modify up to six faces in a single clip. You can even edit these clips in real-time so they can look as realistic as possible and then save them in various file formats. You can swap faces on pictures and GIFs as well, and it is done effortlessly and easily. Except for these main features, it has many other ones as well, such as allowing users to edit pictures, remove backgrounds, generate animated versions of a picture, and much more fun stuff. You can either get a one-month subscription or a one-year subscription with this app.


DeepFaceLab is a face-swapping AI deepfake tool that is most targeted towards professionals. This is a little more complicated to use and requires some practice, but the result of the face swap is unlike others. You can face swap any face in any video or picture and edit it to look as realistic as possible. It is not focused on being easy but rather on providing you with the most realistic result. If you know coding, you can even edit their pipeline to get an even better result. This is an open AI, so it is completely free to use as well, and they provide lots of videos so you can learn how to make a very realistic deepfake video. It does take some practice, but the results are great, especially if you have some background in coding.


Synthesia is another AI deepfake tool that uses AI power to swap faces in videos, but what makes it unique is that it can deepfake voices as well. So, the end result does not only have a swapped face but also a swapped voice, so it gets a more realistic result. You can do voiceovers in more than 120 languages as well. This is a tool that is used mostly by businesses to make training videos. It does require a bit of training and learning as it is not super easy to use, but the end result is outstanding. The short videos they create can be used in marketing, customer service, training, and much more. They do have higher prices than some other AI Deepfakes, but that is because it is focused on attracting businesses, so the tool is much more professional. They also have custom prices for those who want specific features.

How to Create Deepfake

How to Create Deepfake?

You can create a Deepfake AI tool if you know coding and have some experience in the field. Usually, it is done using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). Creating your own AI is kind of hard, but of course, companies can do it.
However, once you are done making your own AI deepfake, it is essential to promote it as well. This is when an AI tool directory comes in handy. One of the best AI directories that you can find is the AItoptools. This directory can help your tool reach a very wide audience by promoting it to different people. The directory also allows the user to compare different AI tools, thus making it more user-friendly.


AI deepfakes are an interesting topic that many people have started to talk about. Now, you can find many different AI deepfakes and use them in real life. However, finding the good ones can be hard as most of them cost money, so it is important to invest in the ones you know are good.

This is why, hopefully, now you know the top 10 deepfake AIs that you should use when you are looking into the topic of AI. After reading this article, you are an expert in AI Deepfake and can use this knowledge to expand on this topic even more.


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