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The Best AI Tools for Marketing

AI has become a very important tool for marketing. Nowadays, AI is used to do everything, and that includes marketing products. This has made the job very easy as you do not need to hire someone new for the marketing department.

However, since AI has become very common, there has been a surge in AI products which can make it hard to select the best A tools. This is when our article comes to help you. Here, we will list down the best AI we could find according to your needs.

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How Is AI Used as a Marketing Tool?

Before getting started, we should look at how AI is used as a marketing tool in the first place. If you understand how the AI works, you can select the one that fits your requirements the best.
Basically, AI can be used to understand the needs of your customers, and then suggest something that matches their requirements. The last step is to persuade the customer to purchase your product. In all this, AI is the best tool you can utilize.
Here are some other uses of AI as a marketing tool.

Generating Ideas

Even if AI isn’t used specifically for making advertisements, it is still super useful. You can use AI to generate ideas for your marketing strategy and advertisement ideas. You can do this by telling the AI all about your business and goal, so it can suggest something personalized. Already, AI is used to generate content for many social media, and the same strategy can be used in the case of marketing as well.

Advanced Customer Service

If you want increased customer satisfaction, using AI to solve the issue of customers can be an excellent way of marketing. This can help reply to customers quickly and give them exactly what they ask for. Especially if you train the AI to solve all possible issues that could arise in your product.

Give More Accurate Feedback

If you want to know how your marketing strategies are doing, AI can help give feedback on that as well. it can tell you how effective the marketing was and also give you recommendations to improve it even more. Therefore, you can improve your marketing strategies even more and be more effective in attracting your target audience.

Therefore, AI is essential in marketing as it utilizes many tools to make sure you reach your target audience. Now, let us jump on to the best AI tools that you can use.


What Is the Best AI Tool for Marketing?

Let us look at the overall best marketing AI tools. These are AI that you should definitely consider getting. Here are the top 5 on our list.

AI Assistant by Improvado

This AI assistant is an AI-powered revenue analytics tool that is useful in getting all the sales analysis, collecting it, and preparing it for further analysis. This AI makes the data easy to understand and makes sure that each team member gets the same result. Also, it helps evaluate ad performance, budget management, and much more. Making it easy to manage your marketing department.

The main purpose of Improvado is to get all the data in one place and make it easy to understand. It does cost money but you can get a customized plan by talking to them. Depending on your business needs, you can get AI with different capabilities, so it is personalized.

Jasper AI

Jesper is the perfect AI for copywriting. How is that helpful for marketing? Well, if you need to write scripts, landing pages, email ads, or product descriptions. It can write in many different tones and languages so you can use it to write anything. This is a popular AI but it is not free, although there is a free trial offered, you do need to pay for it.

Regardless, if you work with scripts, this is a very good AI that can come up with creative ideas for your job. Even if it does require a subscription, it is still worth it.


If your main initiative for marketing is email marketing then you need CopyAI. This AI is focused on the outcome of capturing user interest and growing your list of customers. This AI also creates amazing event promotion strategies to get your product as far as possible. This helps you forget about marketing as the AI takes over this job and you can focus on your business solely.

Of course, like most other marketing AI it does cost. However, one good thing is that there is an option for a free AI as well and it does everything that you need as well. It does not require credit card information either. So, it is a great option for businesses that are just starting out.


This is not like the other AIs as it does not write the content for you. You have to write your own content but it checks the grammar and writing style for the content. It gives you a score based on the writing and how easy the words used are for user-friendliness. It is an amazing tool to even check the grammar of content written by AI or if you don’t only want to use AI but still need to make sure that the marketing content is written professionally.

Grammarly is a free extension to your Chrome but there is an option to get a subscription, which offers even more options for your content. This is perfect for writing emails and scripts to make sure that the punctuation, grammar, and tone of the content are just right for you.

Surfer SEO

This is another tool that does not write content for you but rather guides your content writing. If you want your content to catch the attention of people and show up more on user’s web pages, then Surfer SEO is the perfect option for you. This tool helps with search engine optimization (SEO) which takes the title of your content, so you need to choose your domain, niche, and target audience. Then it compares your product description with different articles online to provide recommendations on internal links to build and a list of terms and keywords to use in real-time to enhance your script writing.

This does need a subscription to use, but the cost of the subscription starts very cheap, for companies that are just starting and goes up for more professional companies.


What Is the Best Free AI Art Generator?

Now, we have looked at several AIs for marketing, but they are all used for writing and managing data. However, in marketing, you need art or images to make your product more enticing. This is why, here we will mention the top 5 of our best free AI art generators that you can use for marketing your products and their different capabilities.


If you are just getting started and need a brand logo and other brand materials, this is the AI for you. This AI has more than 300 templates that you can look at choose the best one and generate your own logo with it. Not only that, but the designs are customizable to your vision depending on what you put in.

The AI starts is free to use. You basically add your brand name and immediately get results that you can choose from and you are done. It is easy to use and simple to understand and creates unique logos for every brand.

Leonardo AI

If you want a very creative AI to generate marketing content for your company, Leonardo AI is the best you can get. This AI is super creative with its results and gives you lots of results for your requirements. You can keep asking it to make the result better, and it will do it for you. The best thing is that the AI is free to use and only requires an email address and no credit card information to get started.

However, with its free plan, you get 150 generations, 30 upscales/zoom-outs, and 75 background removals daily, and for more, you do need to pay. However, it is still a great option and can be great for generating marketing ads, especially for new businesses that are still growing.


DALLE-E 2 is an open AI like ChatGPT that can be used to generate images using natural language. The 2nd version of this AI came out in 2022 and is perfect for marketing as it provides a lot of amazing options for images that you can use. It is a great option for new businesses because when you sign up you get 50 free credits which means you can generate 50 images. Then, every month you get an additional 15 credits that you can use.

However, if you need more images, you need to pay for credits. The credits are super cheap to purchase but it makes the AI not completely free.


This AI is completely free and can be used to generate images by using stable diffusion. These images are unique and you can get four images at once. All you need to do to use it is to sign up. The images might not be as creative as other AI’s but it is completely free with no hidden cost. It also provides specific types of images and if you need those for your marketing, it is a great option.

Starry AI

If you need highly creative paintings for an enticing marketing strategy then this is the perfect AI option for you. Here, you give the AI a prompt and the AI develops an image based on that. This art AI has been featured in many famous magazines as well because their results are very creative. The images can be customized and the AI is updated daily to give the best result.

This AI allows you to create 5 images per day for free and does not have a watermark on them either. This is perfect for new businesses that do not want their customers to know that they used an AI to generate the image. Of course, the free version does not have a lot of options but you can also pay to generate more images.

What Is the Best AI Image Generator for Marketing?

Now that we have looked at some free AI generators, let us move on to the overall best AI generator for marketing purposes. These are perfect for someone who is more serious about their business and wants to get the best AI for marketing as possible. So here are the top 2 of our favorite AIs you should choose from.


If your business doesn’t want to rely on pictures alone but also uses videos, this is the perfect image AI for you. The PictoryAI is used to turn scripts into videos with music and AI voice, turn blog posts into videos, or even use it to turn long videos from Zoom or other platforms into short and engaging videos that you can use on social media. It is perfect for marketing.

However, it does cost money to use it. But there is a free trial that allows you to make three videos each for ten minutes. If you like the result, you can choose various plans.


FlexClip is an online AI video editor that offers a cutting-edge AI image generator to revolutionize your visual content creation process. FlexClip utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to effortlessly generate stunning images tailored specifically for marketing purposes. With its intuitive interface and vast library of customizable templates users can easily create eye-catching visuals that captivate their audience and drive engagement.

Whether you’re promoting products services or events FlexClip empowers marketers to unleash their creativity and craft compelling imagery in minutes saving valuable time and resources. Say goodbye to tedious design tasks and hello to dynamic professional-grade visuals with FlexClip AI Image Generator.


If you want unique images for your marketing, this is the AI for you. It is made in Discord by independent makers and creates very different images than normal AI images. This tool creates realistic and weird images compared to other AI image generators. It is worth looking into as it is a favorite AI for many people.

However, it does cost money. It costs hourly to generate images in this AI. You pay for the number of hours you use this AI to generate images. This is a great option for out-of-the-box marketing enthusiasts.


After reading this article, you now know how you can use AI for marketing and how to use different AI tools to get your desired result. Due to the rise in AI, you can choose free options but many cost money too. Depending on your business and budget, AI can be an amazing marketing tool.

Hopefully, now you know which AI you can utilize for your needs and more about AI. More and more AI will keep coming up but for now, these are the best ones in the market!


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