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How to Make Money Using AI Tools

Nowadays, making money has become much more straightforward than before, all thanks to the invention of AI and AI tools. However, you need to know precisely how to utilize AI's power to make money.

Therefore, in this article, we will look at how you can use AI to create content and earn money. Once you learn to use AI, it can be very easy to earn money, so if you want to learn how to do that, this is the perfect article for you.

AI tools use artificial intelligence to solve issues instead of human intelligence. It can provide human solutions to issues much quicker. This is why most people like using AI to do their work. Therefore, here is every way that you can use AI tools to earn money in this modern age.

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AI for Affiliate Marketing

The first way to use AI is in affiliate marketing. This affiliate earns money by promoting the products of another company or person. The person promoting the product gets some money with each product sold. So, this is an easy way to earn money. However, writing posts or making videos promoting products is not easy and simple. The writing needs to be enticing and grab the reader’s attention quickly before they lose interest. So, using AI for writing for affiliate marketing is a great use of AI. AI is the most helpful tool for marketing. If affiliate writing is a way you want to earn money using AI, you need the best AI tools that can help you write product descriptions in a fun and enticing way. So, here are our top three picks. These AIs are useful for many other things, but they are especially great for affiliate writing.


The first on our list is definitely Jasper. This AI helps you write enticing content with just a few clicks by providing the AI with your requirements, writing style, and other instructions. The AI will generate content for you. This AI also keeps track of how well each article does and uses this information to improve all other content.


If you have a big team and need to keep everything organized, ClickUp is the perfect AI tool. This AI brings together whiteboards, documents, tasks, calendars, goals, and even dashboards so everyone on the team is up to date with everything happening. ClickUp even has a specific package that is designed specifically for affiliated marketing as well.


If you need to write content that is SEO-rich, Frase is the tool for you. Frase reveals the top words to use in your article and what your competitors are writing so you can get ahead of the curve. Frase gives a guideline on how to write content that will generate the best response. Frase is a great option for beginners as well.


AI Photo Editing

AI is not only used for writing content; it can be used for editing pictures as well. AI for Photoshop or photo editing has been in business for a long time; however, recently, the new AI has made it easier and even more seamless. So, with some skills, you can make blurry pictures look high-resolution or make black-and-white pictures colored, among other things. You can use these features to take pictures in Photoshop and sell them, as photographs are a big part of our lives now. Here are our top three AI photo editing apps.

Adobe Photoshop

This is the best photo editing app that uses the power of AI to enhance pictures and basically do anything. Recently, they have added more AI power tools that don’t require you to manually make edits, such as spot removal, adding background, and text-to-image generator. Even if it is a classic choice, the AI-powered tools are amazing in Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop Generative Fill

Photoshop is a great photo editing app, and it is even better with the new AI-generated Generative Fill. This addition allows you to remove objects from your background with extensive precision and add backgrounds and other stuff. You can even write a text prompt to the AI, and Photoshop Generative Fill will make the necessary changes you requested.

Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo is a fully powered AI app that uses AI for everything you can do to pictures, such as AI-generated auto enhancement and AI-generated replacement of the sky. It uses AI to make even small changes subtly and neatly. This is the perfect photo editing app for pictures and selfies and for people serious about photography.


AI Voiceover

Voiceover is an important aspect of video editing, and now AI voices are amazing at doing this job for you. It gives you control over what to say and how to say it. This also allows you to generate voices in different languages, depending on the AI voiceover app. This can help create social media content, release audiobooks, translate books, and other content. This is an excellent way to earn money once you become an expert in AI voiceover features. If you are interested in this, here are our top three AI voiceover apps.


LOVO is one of the best voiceover AIs available right now. LOVO can create highly realistic human voices that can display 20 emotions and speak in over 150 languages. These voiceover features can further be controlled in terms of pronunciation, speed, pitch, and much more. This is a text-to-speech app, so you just write the script and get it read in whatever way you want to.


This AI makes voiceovers with the voices of real people, resulting in highly realistic voiceovers for videos and podcasts. The AI has voiceover for all types of jobs, like corporate or entertainment voice, so you can get customized voiceover for the function. You have more than 125 voices to choose from for your text. This is perfect for advertisements and other video content, as the AI can incorporate music and other necessary features as well.

WellSaid Labs

This AI voice generator has around 50 different AI voices. These AI voices differ in accents and genders. The AI voices sound very realistic, but what sets this AI apart from others is that it allows more control. Once you add text and hear it in certain words, you can still edit each word exactly how you want it to be pronounced. Therefore, it allows users to tell their stories exactly how they want.


AI for Content Generation

AI is also very useful for content generation. AI can help you not only create your own content but also pitch content to others. Both of these methods can be used to earn more money. Manually creating content can take a lot of time, which can cause you to lose money and time. Therefore, using AI to generate ideas that you can use to expand on for content creation is a clever way to earn money. Here are the top three AI content generators:


Copy.ai is an all-rounder AI that can help you create blogs, social media posts, ads, landing pages, and much more. It has 90-plus tools that could help you generate content that will get the most audience. In this, you get a first draft that you can modify so it aligns with your vision and then generate a full article based on that within seconds. After that, if you feel like it, you can edit the final draft a little more.

OwlyWriter AI

This AI is useful for creating social media content. It can generate content that you can post and provide you witty captions that can generate more audience. This can also help with creating content based on a link or keyword, such as for promoting products. Therefore, OwlyWriter AI is a great option for social media-based content generation.


This was mentioned before as well, but even for content creation, Jasper is an awesome choice. It not only writes long and short content for you but also gives you templates for writing your own content if you want to. Jasper can optimize the content in any tone and way you want it to.


AI for Artwork

AI is not only used for content creation and writing stuff but can be used for creating artwork as well. These artworks can be sold or used to make stuff that could be sold. Regardless of how you use it, there are many AIs that can help with the creation of artwork. And these artworks are super unique and realistic depending on the platform you choose for your work. Here are our top three AIs for creating art.


DALL-E is an amazing platform that can create amazing and realistic images that no one can tell were created by an AI. To create images using DALL-E, you simply need to write the description of what you want to see. Then, the AI will generate an image for you, and you can use it for your purpose. It is an extension of ChatGPT.


This AI works as a discord bot that allows you to create artwork from anywhere, even on your mobile phone. You put the description of what type of art you want; the more descriptive, the better, and you get four different images to choose from. You can ask the AI to improve the image even more, depending on your vision. They also create unique artwork that you will not find anywhere so it can be a great way to earn money by getting inspired by the art they create.


Canva is not only great for photoshoots but now can also be used for text to create images. Their art model is stable diffusion, which can make the images created look very realistic. You can use the AI art created by Canva to create social media posts or even have the art on birthday cards or letters. This can be a useful way to earn money. This allows you to expand on art created by AI.


AI for Coding

Coding is an essential tool for creating new products. You absolutely need coding to create products but creating codes is not as easy and simple and can take a lot of time. This is when the coding assistant is required, and an AI is the best assistant that there can be. So, if you need to create codes and need to make sure there are no mistakes, AI is a great option. With that in mind, here are some amazing AI for coding that you can use.

GitHub Copilot

This is the overall best AI assistant as it can do many different things. This AI is very knowledgeable about coding from all the data available online. This robot can suggest an entire line of codes, complete functions, and even help in debugging and pointing out any potential security issues that your product can have. This is a great way to write code and save time at the same time.


This tool helps coders write high-quality and difficult codes faster. As you type your code, the Tabnine AI can locate any errors that you make and give you suggestions. Therefore, you do not have to spend precious time making sure that the code is accurate. It can also create entire codes and once it knows your business, it can give you tailored suggestions for your codes.



AI is the new way forward and it is high time you learn how to use the power of AI to earn money. AI is a market that is staying strong, so you should learn how to leverage this new technology. This article gave you many ideas on how to use AI to make money and create your own unique content.




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