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Everything You Need To Know About Bing AI Image Creator

The debut of Bing's AI Image Creator marks a significant shift in the digital landscape. This innovative tool transforms how brands generate images, effortlessly bringing complex concepts to life. This article will dive in-depth into Bing Image Creator, how to use it, and its alternatives.


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What Is Bing AI Image Creator?

Powered by Microsoft, Bing Image Creator is an artificial intelligence-based image generation tool that is capable of creating unique and realistic images according to the prompt provided. It was launched in March 2023, and since then, it’s been constantly upgraded to become better and better. 

The tool is operated by OpenAI’s famous DALL-E 3 text-to-image model, which took the world by storm upon its launch. This deep learning model has been extensively trained on a wide range of datasets, so it is capable of following prompts with great accuracy.

Combining the two, you get an AI tool that is capable of bringing your unique artistic visions to life in only a few seconds. What’s better is that you can get it free of charge. Taking the simple user interface and speedy image generation into account, it’s no wonder why there has been so much buzz around the tool lately. Bing Image Creator is garnering 5-star reviews across multiple platforms and is being praised highly by users.

How to Use Bing Image Creator?

If you’re wondering how to use Bing AI image generator, you will be happy to know that it is praised for its easy-to-use interface. If you use Microsoft Edge as your default browser, Bing AI can work directly from the sidebar of it. But if you’re using another browser, you can still access it through the web version. You can go to AITopTools and search Bing Image Creator there to find the website and every information you need related to the tool, including features, ranking, ratings, and user reviews.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get started with image creation in Bing-

Step 1: Make a Microsoft Account

The first thing you have to do is go to Microsoft’s Account page and sign in to your existing account or make a new one. You need an account to access Bing Image Creator. After making your account, you can go to the Bing Image Creator page to sign in to the account and get started. There, you will see a textbox where you can enter your prompt. Below it there is a button saying “Join And Create”. You can also make an account directly from there by clicking Sign In and then clicking on the “Don’t have an account? Create one!” option. 

Step 2: Create a Prompt

Now that you’ve made your account, it’s time for you to envision what you want to create. Once you have, try to describe it to the AI with as much detail as possible. The more vague you leave it, the less satisfying it will be. After all, AI cannot read your mind. So here are some tips for when you are writing prompts-

  • Mention specific adjectives to add details: For example, instead of saying “generate the image of a woman,” describe the woman’s height, mentioning ‘tall’ or ‘short,’ the woman’s age, mentioning ‘young,’ ‘old,’ or ‘middle-aged.’ You can also mention things like ‘long black hair’, ‘dark skin,’ ‘curvy body’, and such to get the exact image you want.
  • Mention artistic style: Do you want the image to be realistic, or do you want it to have the vibes of a watercolor painting? You could also want it to be a sketch or maybe pixel art. Whichever it is, mention it in the prompt.
  • Describe location or background: Don’t just describe the subject but also the setting in which your subject will be shown. If no background is mentioned, most of the time, the AI will add a generic and vague background that can ruin the quality of the photo. When describing the background, adjectives should also be used to indicate the colors, and nouns should be used to explain the objects present. 
  • Mention the camera angle: This will also help get you an image more accurate to your imagination. You can mention in the prompt that the camera angle should show the side view of the subject or it should show a landscape view of a scenery. 

Step 3: Post Your Prompt

Now that you’ve written a perfect prompt, it’s time to feed it to the tool. For this, you can either use Bing Chat or directly from the Bing website mentioned earlier.

If you’re using Bing Chat, you should start your prompt with “create an image of…” and something along those lines. However, on Bing’s Image Creator website, you can post the prompt as it is. 

Whichever way you use it, Bing will process your request and generate an image based on the description as quickly as possible. It will generate not one or two but four photos based on the prompt, and you can choose whichever fits your vision most perfectly. It’s natural that the more lengthy and detailed the prompt is, the longer the time it will take to get a response.

If you can’t think of a prompt, they also have a “Surprise Me” button available. If you click on it, the tool will auto-generate a prompt for you that you can create images out of after editing or use as an inspiration for a prompt.

Step-4: Customize

Another plus point of the Bing Image Creator is that you also get a bunch of customization options from the tool’s webpage. So, even if you’re not entirely satisfied with the result, or you want to make some slight alterations to things, you can customize the photo according to your preferences.

What Are the Benefits of Using Bing Image Creator?

Bing Image Creator did not achieve its popularity for no reason. There are quite a lot of pros you can get out of it. For example-

Accessible to Everyone

Bing Image Creator’s accessibility makes it a popular tool among users. You need nothing but a Microsoft account to use this powerful tool. Anyone can use it regardless of their age, work background, or purpose.

User-Friendly Interface  

To add to the accessibility feature, Bing AI Image Creator comes with an extremely simple user interface. No one needs to be a design pro to generate high-quality images from the engine. Writing a prompt is the hardest part, but after that, it’s all a matter of a few clicks. Even the customization options available are all basic and easy to get the hang of.

No Cost

By now, you must have asked yourself, “How much does Bing Image Creator cost?” Well, good news. There might be loads of other tools serving the same purpose as Bing Image Creator, but not all of them will give you such high-quality images as Bing completely free of cost. 

It does come with some limitations, like how you can generate only 100 images in a day. But that’s usually more than enough, even for professional purposes.

Boost Method

You might be worried about the time it takes to generate each image in Bing Image Creator. And while it certainly does take time, Microsoft offers “boosts” to make it easier.

Every week, you get 25 boosts. If you choose to use the boost, the image generation will be quicker, usually under a minute. Once you run out of boosts, you can still generate new images for free, but it will take longer. But don’t let that disappoint you because there is a way to earn more boosts.

And it’s by the Microsoft Rewards system. From this system, you can accumulate points, which you can then use to buy additional boosts. There are many ways to earn Microsoft Reward points. You can do it by completing a certain number of levels in Microsoft games, doing searches in Bing, buying from the Microsoft Store, and more. For every 100 points, you can buy one additional boost for your image generation.

Customization Tools 

The built-in customization options of the tool are also a great feature that allows more autonomy. You can add your own touch to the AI-generated photo by customizing them to your preference. Even a few years ago, customization tools weren’t developed, and there were a lot of limitations. But now you get access to more options, and it’s still very easy to navigate.

Inspiration and Suggestions 

Art is all about inspiration. So when you’re lacking it, go to the Explore Ideas option on the top left of the screen. In that tab, you can find a lot of cool images from which you can take notes. You can also click on the Surprise Me button on the top right of the screen and find an auto-generated prompt to get started. 

What Are Some Cons of Bing Image Creator?

The pros of Bing AI Image Creator undoubtedly surpass the cons, but you should still be aware of them. Here are some drawbacks of Bing Image Creator:

Unexpected Image Generations

As with all AI image generators, Bing Image Creator also does not succeed at generating images true to the prompt. Sometimes, the images created will have distorted visuals that can be scary to look at. Some users have also complained that when they mention multiple objects present in the photo, sometimes the tool blends them all into a mesh in the result instead of putting them separately.  

Does Not Properly Support Other Languages

You have the option to select languages other than English while you are using the tool. However, there is often an inconsistency with the selected language. Even if you select your language and the main page shows the language, when you go to the image-generating page, everything becomes English again, including the main page.

Content Policy Enforcement

AI image generators can be used for the wrong purposes, like illegally generating NSFW deepfakes and plagiarism. To prevent this, Microsoft has launched a content policy against copyright infringement and abuse. However, the effectiveness of the policy is still not up to expectations and is not enforced as strongly as it should be.

What Are Some Alternatives to Bing Image Creator?

The right way to find the tool best suited for your needs is to compare it to other tools offering similar features. Here are three of the best alternatives to Bing Image Creator-


With RenderNet image generation tool, you can create images that have character consistency. This means that you can create a realistic portrait of a character by entering a prompt, and you can reuse that same character again and again for your next images while maintaining full consistency of the features.

This is an extremely helpful feature if you want to create an AI avatar for your social media content or brand marketing. It’s also helpful if you want to engage in creative storytelling with a bunch of characters you created and brought to life yourself. Most AI image generators fail to ensure this consistency. Even with the exact same prompt, they generate characters that look more and more different from the last. With RenderNet, you won’t have to worry about that.    

Stylar AI 

Instead of having to explain everything down to the dot in the prompt description, you can just pick from the huge library of predefined styles to generate an image with Stylar AI. You get a lot of control over the composition and style of the generated image compared to other tools. You can also increase the quality of the images using their powerful Enhance tool.

But the best thing about Stylar AI is that it does not leave everything up to the AI and lets you participate in the artistry, too. There are tools for layering, positioning, and sketching like in a manual illustrator for you to have fun with. But even without these, as a complete beginner, you still get to explore many styles to create unique images.


As the name suggests, Thumbmachines is all about thumbnails and advertisements. You can generate appealing, attractive, and eye-catching thumbnails with the help of this image generator. The tool uses artificial intelligence to give you a professional-looking thumbnail that is bound to attract an audience to your content.

It’s a great tool not only for content creators but also for marketers because you can easily create Facebook ads with it. If you need an image generator for such practical purposes, then check out the free trial of Thumbmachine or pay as you go at $14.95. However, it’s important to note that the tool is still relatively new so the features might be quite limited.


In conclusion, Bing AI Image Creator is a very helpful and fun tool to work with. There are many other similar tools that are built for different purposes. If you want to browse other image creation AI tools and learn their features, user reviews, and other metrics, find them at AITopTools.


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