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19 Best AI SEO Tools

If you want to write or create any form of content that has the most reach, you need AI SEO tools. And now, there are so many AI tools that you can use every day. However, not all of them are great at what they do, and it is hard to find perfect ones.

In this article, we will mention our best 19 AI SEO tools that you can incorporate into your life to create content that is most effective. So, let us look at some of the best AI tools that you can use, depending on your needs.

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Rank Math

Rank Math is an SEO plugin for WordPress that helps with search engine optimization so your content is more visible. This tool also shows the metric evaluation of each content in percentage, which is super easy to understand.
However, the free version is not as great and has limitations. The free version is good for beginners, but for serious business, the paid version is important.


Seobility is an app that helps you maintain your website, as it tracks all the linked pages and finds any mistakes within them. Such as pages with errors or duplicate content, and sends them to you for review. It also reviews the website for any major issues and notifies the user about it immediately.

It also tracks keyword ranks and checks competitors to get more ideas about link building. The tool has a free package, but of course, it is not as good as the paid subscription. The free version works only for one website, and it is good for beginners.


WebCEO is an AI tool that maintains your websites by providing you with many features. This AI helps with rank checking, keyword checking, in-depth SEO audits, social analysis, and even competitor research, among many other features. It is also a white-label marketing platform that you can change for your own needs.

This tool provides an in-depth analysis of your website presented in easy-to-understand data. There is a 14-day free trial, but this AI tool requires a subscription; the subscription is pretty affordable, so anyone can use it.


Mangools comes with five SEO tools to enhance your website. It allows users to take part in keyword research, rank tracking of their website, SERP analysis, backlink analysis, and much more. This tool allows you to enhance your content so it reaches the largest number of people. It displays data that is easy to understand and analyze.

The Mangools AI has a free version that you can get started with, and it does not even require you to input your credit card information. However, it does have many subscription plans with a range of prices and many more activities that you can get instead.



CTRify helps you create content that is SEO-optimized using AI. All you need to do is give it one keyword, and it can create AI-generated content for any website that uses WordPress. This AI also generates questions and answers that most people around the web are asking to help your content reach the top.

This is an open-source platform that anyone can use. It has many features that can help a beginner. It can also help you learn more about SEO and ways to make sure your content has more reach.


Sprinklr AI is an AI that helps take pressure off of customer support. This AI can help answer customer inquiries while also helping you see how well your website is doing by providing easy-to-understand data. AI can be used to meet your company’s specific needs and is great for growing businesses that focus on customer satisfaction.

The AI does cost money, but there is a free trial as well. You can even get the AI customized to your needs and get a quote on that. The AI is equipped to work with different customer needs so that the pressure from human agents is decreased.

SEO Content Machine

SEO Content Machine is perfect for generating highly SEO-driven content that boosts your website’s reach. All you need to do is add your keywords, and the AI will generate content for you using those keywords. The AI can create articles with all your requirements, like images, links, and question-and-answer sections.

This AI has a free trial that you can start with, but it only lasts 5 days, and then you need to buy a subscription. However, the subscriptions are affordable, and you can get a monthly or yearly subscription.


AISEO is another AI writer, but their specialty is that their content is virtually indistinguishable from human-written articles. This can save a ton of time and help you write SEO-rich content. However, if you still want to write your own articles, the AI can help you write amazing articles on your own as well, so you can still have that human touch.

The content generated by AISEO can bypass the AI detection tools as well because these articles are so well written. They have a free trial for 3 days, and then it is a monthly subscription, but it is an affordable one. They also have 24/7 customer care support for you always to have some help.

SEOmatic AI

SEOmatic AI is an AI that helps in the marketing department of your blog. This AI helps you maintain your blog and create content that is SEO-rich, so the responsibility of handling the website doesn’t require too many people. The content they create is unique and keyword-rich, so it is appealing to read.

This SEO does not require any skills and has a 7-day free trial period for you to get used to it. The AI is super easy and quick to set up as well. The subscription cost is super affordable as well, but there are packages with different costs and features.


Autoblogging AI is exactly how it sounds. The AI helps you create blogs using real data from the internet and all the important keywords so you can create an SEO-rich blog. The articles created by the AI are unique and readable even without human intervention. Not only that, but AI is also able to create blogs in 20 languages, and AI keeps updating.

The AI is super helpful in making content quickly without compromising on the quality of the content created. You can get a free trial, but there is a subscription option based on credits. You can individually buy credits as well and write an article per credit or two credits.


Bertha.ai is an AI that creates content for you, but you still need to edit it. However, this AI saves lots of time because it writes the content using your keywords, and your job is just to edit where you need to and make the content more human-like. The AI can write in several languages and can even write captions and social media posts.

The AI does require a subscription, which can be either monthly or yearly. One unique thing about this AI is that it can also create AI-generated images that you can use in your blogs as well.


Compar AI is an AI that basically makes sure that your content uses all the necessary keywords to get people to click on it. The AI gives a comprehensive analysis of how well your page is doing by even including how long each reader spends on your website. The AI also helps to decipher how people emotionally perceive your content so you can change the wording if necessary.

The job of this program is to create engaging content using AI. There is a 7-day free trial that does not require a credit card, but it has a super affordable subscription as well. Their prices are super low compared to other AI platforms.


Copymatic is an AI tool that is used to create engaging and unique content for your blog, landing pages, and even ads within seconds. The AI is also equipped to create AI images with the prompt you provide it with. You simply need to explain the type of content you need, and the AI creates human-like content that doesn’t need much editing.

The AI also has an AI chat assistant that can answer all your quick questions. They have subscriptions with a free trial for a few days. The AI also comes with a built-in plagiarism checker so you can make sure that the content is uniquely written.


This is a unique AI that is made for people who have Amazon businesses. The AI not only optimizes but also generates Amazon listings so your product is listed on the first page. It also helps you generate product descriptions using all the relevant keywords that describe your products.

The AI also compares the listings of competitors and optimizes the listings based on how many sales you make. This AI does require a subscription, and it also has a customizable package that meets all your unique needs.



GrowthBar AI first helps to generate keywords based on the type of content you want to write, and then, with one click, the AI writes content based on each keyword. The written content can be edited further, and you can give the AI more instructions to improve the written content even more. The AI also tells you what your competitors are using so you can know what to know for your blog.

The content is written super fast as well, so you do not have to waste time writing any content. The GrowthBar platform does require a subscription after a 7-day free trial. With the subscription, you also get a free GrowthBar extension on your Chrome that can be used with WordPress.


If you want to create lots of content in a lot of different languages, Kafkai is a great AI tool. The AI writes articles with just one click. The articles can be optimized to use all the relevant keywords and also be SEO-optimized. This AI can also be used to write longer articles, more than 3000 words, and integrate images along the way.

Kafkai is great for writing content in diverse languages. It can be used by people who do not know what to write and also by people who know exactly what they want their content to be like. The AI does have a subscription, but the lowest subscription option starts at only $1.00 USD.


Morise AI is specifically made for YouTube. You only need to worry about making videos, and the rest is taken care of by the AI. The AI creates descriptions based on your content as well as tags so your videos can reach as far as possible. It also helps you with content creation by suggesting the type of content you can create based on your previous videos.

The AI requires a subscription with no free trial. There is a 7-day money-back guarantee in case you do not like the AI. The subscription for the AI is pretty affordable as well, compared to some other AI-generating tools.

Rank Wizard

Rank Wizard is a content-driven SEO agency that is amazing at creating new and engaging content for your website. These people help in content planning and also tell you the most relevant keywords to use for your content. The content doesn’t rely only on AI but also on real people who work behind the scenes to create content that reaches the most people.

You have to pay for services, but the services are guaranteed to bring you successful content.


Jasper is one of the best AI tools for content creation. This AI writes content for you by using the most relevant keyword. The AI also helps in seeing your growth and analyzing the reach that each content has. It is a great marketing tool that helps expand the reach of your content.

The AI requires a monthly subscription with a 7-day trial so you can get to know the tool. It is easy to use and perfect for writing comprehensive content every day.


Now you know all the best AI SEO tools that you should use to make sure your content reaches the right audience and brings in actual results. Hopefully, your next AI tool will be based on our suggestion because these tools are the best in the market.


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